Monday, October 16, 2017

Family History Month - post 12

I thought for this post, I would post something a bit more unusual.

This isn't a photo of an ancestor, or their headstone, or a house they lived, or even the city they lived in. It's the A on the mountainside next to Anaconda, Montana as seen from the Mount Carmel Cemetery. You can see the A from the highway, but I thought the view from the cemetery gave a different perspective on it. Several of my ancestors are buried in that cemetery, including my great-grandmother Augusta (Joseph) (Staffan) Gibson, her father Samuel Joseph, Sam's son Elmer. I went to this cemetery during a family vacation to Montana back in 2009, and I brought my son with me, though he was just 3 at the time. The cemetery is actually really high up on a hill, and there are a few places where it drops pretty steeply. I remember having a very tight grip on my son's hand as we walked through the cemetery locating the graves of my family.

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