Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you kidding me?

I just read an article on about a growing fear in some corners of secession due to the conservative/radical liberal split our country is facing. For a moment I almost had to check my calendar to make sure this wasn't 1860. Are you kidding me? Secession??? After everything this country has weathered in the last 150 years - two world wars, multiple smaller wars overseas, the Great Depression, several smaller recessions (including the current one), race riots, overcoming communism, fascism, Nazism, the Cold War, winning the space race, putting not just one man but a whole GROUP of men on the stinking MOON (with 1960s tech at that), ousting several brutal dictators overseas, liberating country after country on this planet, sending BILLIONS of dollars in humanitarian to people who in some cases hated our guts - and now, after all that, we're done? Fight's over? No more United States of America? After everything this country has meant to people, done for people, in this world, we can't come together any more? What the heck happened to my country? Who did this? We're the melting pot - everyone is different, but we all come together and make it work BECAUSE WE'RE AMERICANS and that's what we do.

If this is true - if the Great Experiment is really winding down towards its end, the world has dark, dark days ahead. Like Ronald Reagan used to say, we're the shining city on the hill (he added the word shining), and dog-gone it he was right! At least, he was then - we used to shine. We used to stand for something. Think of Superman at least - created in 1938 by a man whose father was just murdered - there's no coincidence that his colors were red and blue. But what did Superman originally stand for? Truth, justice and the AMERICAN WAY. Look at the old GI Joe cartoon back in the 80s - a real AMERICAN HERO. At one point in our history we weren't afraid to show the world what we were - something good, something to look up to, to stand up for. Even our kids' media showed that. But now what do our kids hear? The Founding Fathers were just rich, racist capitalist pigs; that progressivism is great and good and got us out of the Great Depression; that separation of church and state means you see and serve only the state and religion should be shuttered into your closet and never let out, or better yet, just mocked out of existence; and a lot of other crap.

No, I know differently. I know this country was founded on good principles, by good men, with a noble, untried idea - that men could govern themselves based on principle, not on divine right of kings or placing all power in a single tyrant. But when you take away or replace the principles this country was founded on, what are we left with? The same crappy governments that haven't worked in the rest of this world's sad history. I don't know about you, but I'm teaching my kids where this country came from - the God Himself had a hand or two involved in its establishment, that its early leaders trusted and relied on Him to guide them; that as money and power became more important, they left God out of their decisions, and have dragged us into the muck; but that we can still dust ourselves off, go back to those principles and reclaim His help in leading this nation. If the nation is lost, if there really is a secession ahead...then they'll be seceding from me. I'm holding true to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the other founding documents this nation was based on. I know others will stand with me in holding to those God-given truths, and with His help these truths and those who hold to them will stand, and those who let them go will have nothing to stand on.