Friday, February 6, 2009

Where's the insult?

Ok, so I forgot to include the insult in my blog entry a few days ago. Obama (or Obummer as I prefer to call him) was in an interview with Matt Lauer a few days ago, when Matt brought out a copy of US magazine. Obama's wife and kids were on the cover, but not him. Matt made the comment that Obama didn't make the cover, while Jessica Simpson did (she was in a smaller photo on the side). To which Obama replied "who seems to be losing a weight battle," and then laughed.
If it had been anyone else (almost), the media would have jumped down his throat and demanded an apology. But Barack "I can do no wrong" Obama gets a bye, even when insulting a citizen of the country he was just appointed to lead!! Pres. Bush wouldn't have done that, heck, even Clinton had more grace than that (well, maybe not, but you get the idea). Mr. Change and Hope just turned out to be - a common jerk.

Monday, February 2, 2009

All the President's Men, and an insult too

So the latest move of our 'great leader' in rewarding criminal activity is his new health secretary appointment - Tom Daschle. Apparently he somehow didn't notice that he owed $128,000 in back taxes. That Obama actually supports this guy shouldn't come as too big a surprise - his pick to run the IRS, Tim Geithner, owed what, $42,000 in back taxes which he (with obvious dishonesty) said he didn't know about either. Congress approved that criminal without much to-do (he was the best man for the job, they said). So I'm not holding out much hope that the 'grilling' awaiting Daschle will be any more severe than a slap on the wrist (if he even gets that). On the other hand, it is encouraging to know that if, heaven forbid, I did get involved in complicated and rather large scandal of not paying taxes for several, I might still have a bright future ahead in politics. All that's apprently required is to hold a press conference to announce your 'embarrassment', throw some token payments at the IRS, and say "let's move on, shall we?"