Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another vent

Since no one around me right now really likes talking politics, I figured I'd just vent on this blog that no one ever reads anyways.

Ok, two big things I learned this week -
1. Obama's ties to socialism/Marxism/Communism are a lot deeper and stronger than I realized. There's a great article on on what the author calls the Hexagon of Progress that shows all this. What it boils down to is this - Obama ran for Illinois state senator under the New Party flag. The New Party was started by the Democratic Socialists of America (i.e. American socialist/Communists) and ACORN (which you don't want to be tied to just now, believe me). The New Party also helped found New York's Working Families Party, which brings together big labor unions, SEIU, ACORN (well, imagine seeing them again). Sounds a lot like the Apollo Alliance, minus the green movement. The WFP also includes a group called Citizen Action, led by Heather and Paul Booth. Heather is a big proponent of social justice (wealth redistribution), helped train people in the DNC during the Clinton years, as well as SEIU's Andy Stearn (one of Obama's bosom buddies).

Interesting sidenote, Heather's husband Paul founded the Students for a Democratic Society. Yes, it IS the same SDS that led to the forming of the Weather Underground, founded by two more of Obama's friends - Bill Ayers and Jeff Jones. Funny how 'social justice' led to 'domestic terrorism', isn't it?

Anyways, back to number 1 - DSA's Working Families Party just happened to share addresses with SEIU, ACORN, the New Party and Obama's Project Vote. In multiple locations across New York state. And Arkansas. Oh, and Illinois too. No wonder Obama promised SEIU that they'd be part of every major decision he made - health care, immigration, whatever. He's been deeply involved with ACORN, SEIU, social justice workers like Heather and Paul Booth, for YEARS.

To sum up #1: DSA = New Party = Working Families Party = SEIU = ACORN

#2: Apparently the swine flu (aka H1N1) has been officially declared a national emergency. So far over 1000 people have died of it recently. That's not a small number, and each death is tragic, but I just don't see a justification in declaring a national emergency over it. I'm sure more people have died this year of heart disease and cancer and drunk driving, and those aren't declared national emergencies. Add this 'emergency' to all the other 'emergencies' the government is pushing (environmental - cap and trade, economic - stimulus and bailouts and industry takeovers) and it just seems too convenient. Not to mention his comment that there's a potential to "overburden healthcare resources." (His words, not mine).

Did I mention that one of the more well-known supporters of the New Party is Frances Fox Piven of Piven-Cloward fame? Yeah, she's the one who said that to make the move to single payer health care (or was it just total nanny state? something like that) we need an emergency that will overburden the system beyond breaking point, 'forcing' the government to step in and take the reins. This couldn't be anything like that right? Why would he declare a national emergency, when it's known there won't be enough vaccine to go around for months? And is the vaccine even created properly?

Ok, so this was waaaay longer than I originally intended, but I got some stuff off my chest. If anyone has actually read this whole thing, I've got a booby prize for ya. :)