Saturday, August 19, 2017

An Unexpected Coincidence

I was going through some more record hints from MyHeritage the other day, and saw a hint for Eliza Robinson, wife of Alexander McDonald, my 3rd-great-granduncle (he was an older brother of my 3rd-great-grandfather, George D. McDonald). I checked it out, and it was indeed a census record I didn't yet have for the family. That got me interested on what else I might be missing about Alex's family,so I started digging around for more. I found more census records, a marriage record, and a new photo of a headstone (shown above) that covers four ancestors - George McDonald, his wife Jane Dobson, their son John, and his wife Margaret or Maggie. It was a pretty productive little bit of research.

Then tonight, I was following up and pulling a few more records, when I found something unexpected. I found the death record for my 4th-great-grandfather, George D. McDonald (same name as his son), who died in 1893. That much I knew (which is how I found the record), but the date surprised me: December 23rd.

That date has special meaning to me and my family, as it's the day my son Levi passed away last year. It's purely coincidental I know, but it's just remarkable to me that George and his 5th-great-grandson Levi both passed away on the same day exactly 123 years apart. The fact that they share that date kind of makes me want to visit his grave. It's 2500 miles away give or take, so not an easy trek to make, but I'd like to make it at some point.

I've made some big discoveries in my research, but this is one of those that just kind of go straight to your heart unexpectedly.


Gibson Family said...

Where is he buried?

ironhide781 said...

Ontario, Canada.

sequimitesal said...

IS that Fred's Side or Blossoms side of the Family ? Pretty interesting and yes it would tug at your heart. I watched BYU almost all day today and one man just knew without a doubt he was part Indian and his DNA ( 2009) came back stating he had none . He was adopted but he found his family and they were Scottish but after having a new DNA ( more info available now in 2017 they said) he found he was actually 1/4 American Indian.. hmmmmmm?? Makes one think but his Scottish relative looked just like him and so they had American Indian in their ancestry but did not know it.

ironhide781 said...

It's actually on Tom Bergstad's side, his grandma Katherine McDonald's' grandfather.

I saw that episode of the Generations Project. He felt so out of place in that kit! But it was cool to see him embrace that side of his heritage.