Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Those serious Shute kids

This is a photo I received from a cousin of mine, of siblings of my ancestor Daniel Shute. On the left is Abraham Lincoln Shute, age 3, and next to him is Eliza Shute, age 8. How on earth did they get their kids to look so serious? Mine won't hold a face like that for a second.


Gibson Family said...

Grandma Blossom's side? Cute kids, tho.

corinthpastorbob said...

I'm apparently a cousin as well, descendant of A. Lincoln Shute and Nellie Haney Shute, through their daughter Vivian and grandson G. Barney Thompson. I'm trying to put together some family genealogy, and am particularly interested in any pictures in the Shute/Haney/Sherman line. Yours is the only pic I've found of A. Lincoln Shute, and that's at age 3. Surely there are others. I found a pic on line of Lewis Parker Shute and of his wife Jane Sherman - and of course some pics and sketches from her line including our most famous ancestor Roger Sherman. But who else might have some pics I haven't seen? Bob Thompson,

ironhide781 said...

Welcome cousin! I’ve found one other picture of Abraham Lincoln Shute, from his passport application. It’s not the best picture, but you can kind of see him. I have a copy of it here.

For Lewis Parker Shute, you're referring to Abraham’s father? I have record of two wives, Eliza Wright and Lucinda Foote. Or do you mean a different Lewis?