Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Wagner Bros. Logging

This is a picture of one of the lumber trucks from my great-grandfather Charles Wagner's lumber mill. See the Wagner Bros on the door? He and his brothers owned and operated their own lumber mill in Monroe, Washington during the 1940s. One of these days I need to go searching for records of the business, or look him up in some city directories, and try to get an idea of how long they ran the mill. The mill is long gone, there are houses built on the site now. But it was located near the house Charlie built for them. I think the house was even made of lumber from the mill. Imagine being able to build your own house from scratch!

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Family History Hat said...

My dad and brother were fascinated by lumber mills in Northwest Florida; didn't know why til I saw my dad's father in a picture with some Mississippi mill workers. Grandpa was a fireman in the outfit.