Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In memoriam - Jim Crawford

My grandpa Jim Crawford passed away on January 6, 2014. He was cheerful, quiet, happy, always reading, and always greeted me with a friendly "hey buddy". He had a rough childhood, which I sadly don't know as much about as I should, being family and a genealogist. Sometimes it's hard to ask personal questions, even (or maybe especially) of people you're so closely related to. But I do know that he served his country in the Navy shortly after World War II, that he was a fireman, and he made my grandma happy in the 20 years they were married. When I bought my truck from my grandparents a couple years ago, it had grandpa Jim's retired firefighters of San Jose sticker on it. I thought about removing it at the time, but I figured grandpa Jim had earned that, so I'd leave it on there for him. Now I think it should stay there as a tribute to him. We'll miss you grandpa Jim. 

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sequimitesal said...

Jim would have really been impressed with your blog. You know he had nothing but good to say about you and your sweet family.