Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts - a stay in execution

Massachusetts - you did it! You elected a (slightly more) conservative senator who can help stall, maybe even stop Obamacare. He has promised (and you can believe, we will be holding him to it) to stop this atrocity from passing. Yes, the Dems could still go for their 51 vote (restriction? what was it called? I forget) and still pass it. But to lose Ted Kennedy's 47-year-old seat to a Republican? That's gonna shake them up a bit.

America, we have this chance - a chance to keep Uncle Sam, at least temporarily, from taking control of almost every aspect of our lives. DON'T GIVE UP THIS CHANCE. Be responsible. Do the hard thing - research your candidates, study the issues, and vote your values, not for one party or the other. They've both proven faithless and unworthy of our trust. Find wise men and women, good men and women, and vote them into power. We can still save the republic from Obama's socialist/fascist/progressive nightmare.

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