Monday, May 25, 2015

Military Monday - Honoring the servicemen in my family

With today being Memorial Day, people everywhere are honoring the members of our military who gave their lives protecting and defending our country. I am lucky enough to not have lost any family members or direct ancestors (that I know of so far) while in the service of my country, but I do want to take a moment to pay tribute to those in my family who have served in the armed forces. The military is what it is because of the men and women who serve in it, and these men pictured below are all fine examples of what makes America's military the best in the world.

Alexander B. Shute - Army, Civil War

Paul Groff - Army, Mexican War 

Fred Gibson - Marines, WWII

Douglas Redcord - Warrant Officer, WWII

Jim Harris Sr. - Navy, WWII

Jim Crawford - Navy, Korean War

Jim Harris Jr. - Army, Korean War

Tom Bergstad - Navy, Korean War
David Gibson - Navy, Vietnam War

Randy Gibson - Navy, Vietnam War

Richard McFarland - Air Force, Cold War

Travis Smith - Army, Iraq War

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