Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - Ludwig and Justine (Witt) Joseph

These pictures are of my 3rd-great-grandparents, Ludwig Joseph and Justine (Witt) Joseph. They were born in Poland - Ludwig in Kepa Kikolska and Justine in Rajszew, married and moved to what is now Ukraine, and eventually immigrated to Canada, where they both died. They raised seven children - Gottlieb, Samuel, Justine, Wilhelmine, Ludwig, Heinrich, and Michael, though Michael died at age 21.

Photos of Ludwig and Justine are courtesy of my cousin Jim Joseph of Mississauga, Ontario.


Jim (Hidden Genealogy Nuggets Blog) said...

Nice photos. Do you know when they were taken?

Regards, Jim

ironhide781 said...

No, but my guess is around 1860-1870. The big photo at the top of my blog has Ludwig in the middle (the one with the beard) and he was about 80 then. I don't have any other pictures of Justine to compare hers to, sadly. I'm almost positive (at this point at least) that these photos were taken in the old country.

Jim J said...

I checked on the back of my photocopy of the picture of Ludwig and Justine.
A message tells me who has the original pictures is in Barrie Ontario Canada.
I will check and post in a few days with an update of the time period of the pictures.

Regards To All,
Jim Joseph