Thursday, December 22, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - the Forgotten Children

David Lanz is probably my all-time favorite piano player. I have a few of his CDs, and I just love his music. I'm not advertising for him, I just really like his music. He has a great Christmas CD, and one of the best songs on there is called "Dream of the Forgotten Child". There's a story behind the song, but I can't remember it, and can't find it online. One person on Youtube did say it was about homeless children at Christmas, and I think Mr. Lanz was thinking of what a child would feel if he/she were forgotten on Christmas. He wrote the song, if I remember correctly, because it helped him get over the thought of any child being forgotten.

In my research in my wife's ancestry recently, I've come across a number of death records, including several records of children or infants. With my family having just gotten my kids over being sick (not fun, especially just before Christmas), the thought of losing either of my kids is just overwhelming. So, at this Christmastime, I'd like to remember these children, and all other children, who didn't get to share many, or any, Christmases with their families.

Baby Patterson (boy), born 25 April 1915, died 25 April 1915

Baby Thacker (boy), born 8 February 1915, died 8 February 1915

Louis Junior Patterson, born 2 November 1925, died 2 November 1925

Pearl Worthington, born 27 August 1920, died 16 October 1923

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

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