Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - overload!

It has been a crazy week, genealogy-wise. I already wrote about finding info on Heinrich Joseph, my great-great-grandfather's brother. I had fun sharing that info with my cousin, Jim Joseph, who's also researching the Joseph family. Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to update my file with the info. Jim also sent me a gedcom of his family file on the Josephs, so I have that to go through as well.

Then, I was recently contacted by Eileen Bremner, whose husband is a relative on my Shute side. She sent me almost three dozen pictures of the Shutes, including an old map of Duanesburg, NY, showing the family names of people who lived in the town and where, a page from the Shute family bible (which I didn't know existed!), and many headstones. On top of that, she also sent me a gedcom of the Shute family info that she had collected, so I have THAT to go through as well!

And just last night, I officially began the ProGen 9 class, a free group that studies Elizabeth Shown Mills' book Professional Genealogy. It's overseen by a certified genealogist (Jay Fonkert for our group), and administered by Elizabeth O'Neal, who does a great job of taking care of all the housekeeping duties. Angela McGhie runs the whole ProGen program, creates all the assignments and everything. My group has about 15 people in it, mostly from the eastern US (Elizabeth and I seemed to be the only west coasters) and they're all as geeky about genealogy as I am! Talk about heaven! :D I'm way excited to be in this group, and learn how to step up my research and reporting skills. Best of all, it goes on for 18 months, and it covers EVERYTHING about being a professional genealogist. What more could I ask for?

All in all, it's been a fantastic week for genealogy. It leaves me with one burning question though - how do you incorporate other people's research into your own? The old me would have just dumped it in, no questions asked. But that combines info and notes in a way that leaves it impossible to tell what was mine and what I received from elsewhere. What strategies do you use when inputting info from other researchers into your file?

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