Thursday, June 5, 2008

Veddy Interesting...

So I found this old online journal I started a few years ago. Turns out, I only ever made one entry in it, and it happened to be night I met my wife. :) How cool is that? Here it is, in all its glory:
Ok, so get this. I found out there was a dance tonight out in Tacoma, 15 miles or so south of here, starting after I get off work. So I went down, just to hang out. I was thinkin of just sitting it out the whole night, actually. I didn't really want to dance, just to be out around good, fun entertainment for a night. Then this girl Carol asks me to dance, and she's a total goofball, we had a lot of fun dancing. She intro'd me to her friends, we chatted for a sec, and then she disappeared with one of her buddies. So I walk around for a sec, and see a guy, Pat Hampton, that I knew back in high school. I went over to say hi, and he introduces me to the two girls next to him, Emily (his gf) and Lisa (friend of his gf). So Lisa and I started talking, and we just hit it off. We kept talking, and talking, the rest of the night. It was so fun, and so unexpected. I'd gone to this dance specifically wanting to avoid meeting someone, and BOOM I meet someone. We ended up hanging out the rest of the dance, and talking for an hour or so afterwards, then I drove her home (Pat and Em had to leave early). Lisa's 20, cute, and funny, a great dancer too. She goes to BYU-I, majoring in art, and even draws for Chris Heimerdinger! How cool is that? I got her number, and I'm thinkin of askin her to the Federal Way dance tomorrow night. So funny, how these things work out. You look and look and look for something, and the minute you decide NOT to look, you find it. So yeah, just had to get that down. It's late, and I'm goin to the temple with some friends from my ward tomorrow, so I better get some sleep. Till next time, g'night!


Dara McFarlane said...

aw, brandt! that's too cute! :) i better start writing in my journal everytime i meet someone. :) haha just in case!

Erin Ann said...

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