Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What is honesty worth?

Super Tuesday turned out to be a big disappointment. I'm pulling for Romney in the presidential race, mostly because he's the only candidate I can actually trust. There has been at least one major case of dishonesty, public dishonesty, for both McCain and Huckabee, with no sign of an apology or clarification from either one. McCain, in a television ad right before the last debate before Super Tuesday, claimed that Romney was in favor of troop withdrawal dates from Iraq. The truth is Romney has been nothing if not against troop pullout dates, and only stated that he agreed there need to be benchmarks and milestones set. McCain purposely distorted Romney's statement and gave him no time to challenge or correct it before the debate. When challenged at the debate, McCain continued lying (on national TV!!) and stood by his slanderous ad. And people want this person to be president???
Then there's Huckabee. A few weeks ago, he was asked in an interview what he knew about Mormons (seeing as how his biggest rival at the time was Mitt Romney, a Mormon). His claim was he didn't know much. That's very interesting, considering he was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at annual Baptist convention in 1998, which happened to be in Salt Lake City that year. One of the main purposes of the convention is to speak against religions in the area, and go out and preach to them, try to convert them. Why would they be in Salt Lake, if not to preach against the Mormons? And yet Huckabee "doesn't know much" about them?
Then there's this business, again involving Huckabee and McCain, in the whole West Virginia delegate contest. In the first vote in WV, Romney came out ahead with 41% to Huckabee's 33. You need 50% to win, so they did a revote. But this time, McCain told his backers to throw in with Huckabee, to beat out Romney, which they did (by a mere 46 votes). Now you watch and see, cause I'm betting that McCain, if he wins the nomination, will give Huckabee some kind of kickback - naming him as his running mate, putting him in his cabinet, something. It just shows you this really is a two man race - Romney vs. everyone else banding together against him. And yes I'm leaving out Ron Paul, because everyone knows he doesn't have a prayer.

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