Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - George Waechter and Margaret Robitzer

I've blogged many times about Margaret Robitzer and her husband George Waechter (just search for "Robitzer" on this blog if you don't believe me). But thanks to AncestryDNA's email tips, I now have something I never thought I'd have on them - a photograph!


The photo was posted by a descendant of George and Margaret through their son William. This is great news, because I have previously been unable to find records on William after the 1870 census (or maybe I just got sidetracked before searching for them...I do that a lot). Either way, I am very interested to know how she came by this picture, and if there are any more out there. They look fairly young in this picture, and since George was born in 1828 and Margaret in 1831, it would have to be from the 1850s-1860s I'd imagine. Very early for a picture!

Update: Turns out, I spoke too soon. This is actually not a picture of George and Margaret Waechter. It's actually their granddaughter Sara Waechter and her husband George Diest. That's what I get for jumping the gun on posting a picture. She's still family though!

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sequimitesal said...

I am impressed and intrigued with this photo. Did you find what kind of work George Waechter did? They look well dressed and he may have been a professional of some type. Interesting also that she is 3 years older than he! What part of Germany were they from?