Monday, April 28, 2008

A little scrutiny

I had an interesting thought about Barack Obama the other day. When I think back now about how reluctant Obama was to hold interviews and allow press coverage of his remarks and events, it makes sense. Imagine if the Rev. Wright story had broken a year ago - he would not be where he is today if people knew how closely tied to that hate-monger he really is. Or if he'd let slip a remark like "Bitter-gate" before the primaries begun, he'd be where Kucinich and all the other has-beens are now. And now that the mainstream press has their hands full trying to figure out how to spin all these controversies in his favor (since they're all in the tank for him), he's dead in the water. This squeaky clean image of change and hope is washing away, and the TRUE Obama is coming out - the Obama that's every bit the politician that Clinton is; the Obama that hangs out with and is bosom buddies with people who hate their country enough to bomb it, or preach vile hate-filled sermons against it; the Obama who publicly says one thing and privately does the opposite. THAT is who he really is. I only hope enough Americans get to see it before the November elections.

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